Why neoXL?

I didn't have a computer until I was 19 - but I did have an abacus - WhatsApp founder

Imagine a future where all small and medium enterprises are entirely automated and collectively have the same capacity to innovate and scale as any successful Global 5000 company.

Imagine a future where every citizen has access to all the government services, utilities, education, food, and daily needs at their fingertips.

Imagine an efficiently run central government, state government, and municipalities with inward and outward facing automation.

Imagine your whole Fortune 500 connected to one conversational backbone integrated into all backend systems.

Imagine a future where the whole planet runs on a global conversational backbone, from its most minor constituent to the largest. I know we are not there yet; that is why we are building neoXL. WhatsApp inspires neoXL as Yahoo inspired Google. neoXL has the same lineage as WhatsApp. We take messaging to where it belongs, a global conversational input output interface. By embedding a memory system into messaging, we are changing the underpinnings of the automation at a much more fundamental level and unleashing the platform to be adapted and modified as desired.

In the process, we are evolving abacus to do calculus. Come join us!