Why neoXL?

I didn't have a computer until I was 19 - but I did have an abacus - WhatsApp founder

Imagine a future where all small and medium enterprises are entirely automated and collectively have the same capacity to innovate and scale as any successful Global 5000 company.

Imagine a future where citizens can access all government services, utilities, education, food, and daily needs at their fingertips.

Imagine an efficiently run central government, state government, and municipalities with inward and outward-facing automation.

Imagine your Global 5000 company connected to one conversational backbone integrated into all backend systems.

Imagine a future where the whole planet runs on a global conversational backbone, from its most minor constituent to the largest.

Imagine a conversational super application where everything is plug and play conversationally.

Since humanity is not there yet, we are building neoXL and changing the underpinning of automation by fusing messaging with a memory system. We are unleashing the messaging interface and morphing it into a tireless digital assistant that works on your behalf so that you can surf the waves of global change and massive dislocation with confidence and ease.

In the process, we are evolving the abacus to do calculus.

neoXL changes everything. Join us!

by Bhavesh Soni

Founder of neoXL

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